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Sanitary Napkin Making Machine Manufacturer

Rag Innovations is country’s first low-cost sanitary napkin making & low-cost maternity making machine manufacturer. In which we have wide range of categories and customization available as per your production capacity which definitely fits in your budget.

Raw Material Suppliers

We are suppliers all type of raw material used in sanitary napkin as well as in maternity napkin. Raw materials that are of prime quality resulting which you can produce a premium quality sanitary napkin and maternity napkin.

Maintenance & Modification of Existing Machine Setups

We have taken the initiatives which is first kind of type in its categories to provide the maintenance & modification of existing manufacturing unit of sanitary napkin and maternity napkins in the country which prime goal is to make everyone sustainable & Successful.

Low Cost Sanitary Pad

Rag Innovations has manufactured our own prime quality ULTRA THIN WITH WINGS sanitary napkin made by rural women & girls in the village Manepura, Bhind, Madhya Pradesh, India.

Vocational Training

To fulfill the initiative goal of GOI “SKILL INDIA” & “Make in India” we have started organizing vocational training programs in which you will be able to understand the function of our sanitary napkin making machines in our own manufacturing units. Where we provide you facility of accommodation and food in the rural village where you can celebrate the culture of rural India.

Awareness Campaigning

As still India has considered Menstruation Hygiene is a Taboo with collaboration of organizations across the country, we are conducting awareness campaigning.

About Us

Sanitary napkin machine manufacturer

Rag Innovations have innovated & tested low cost sanitary napkin making machines for that we have recognised by Govt. of India as #Start-up in central India. which aims to provide Sustainable Livelihood, Improving Hygiene and Eco-Friendly usage by Under Privileged Woman and Adolescent girls. Our innovative approach allowssetup and installation of sanitary napkin making machines at very low cost as compare to available machines in the market.These are very suitable for area where economic factors are more emphasize. Maintaining the quality on global standards at low price is our USP.

Rag Innovations Mission is to “Create A Healthy World Without Menstrual Poverty”. We are on a mission that every girl and women have the sustainable solutions of their hygiene & health during their menstruation period except their region, religion or financial conditions and these solutions must be affordable to each one of them.

Our vision to create a world where all can freely talk about menstruation hygiene, where it shouldn’t be #Taboo more. Because it’s not the problem it’s the process because of which human existence over the earth.

We have deeply researched and evolved the technical methodologies to develop machinery that can produces with wings ultra-thin type sanitary napkin that adds superiority to our machines than available regular low cost machine available in market that are producing sanitary napkins without wings.

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Sanitary Napkin Making M/C setup 1.5 Lakh
Awareness Campaigning 5000
Vocational Training 3000
Maintenance & Modification of Existing Machine Setups (ICON) 25,000

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